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Governor Xie Fuzhan Visited Our Company Binder Chemical

release time:2015-05-30publisher:Binder

         On March 27, Governor Xie Fuzhan visited our city for investigation, during which he went deep into the enterprises in our district to understand the development of the construction and provide on-site guidance. Municipal Party Secretary He Xiong and Mayor Zhao Ruidong accompanied the investigation. Guan Yongguo, secretary of the District Party Working Committee, and Xue Binghai, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and executive deputy director of the Management Committee, participated in the investigation.

         The 35,000 tons/ year tackifying resin production projects of Binder Chemical Co., Ltd., is key construction projects in Henan Province in 2014 and 2015. The first phase of the project started in March 2014 and was completed and put into production in December of that year, refreshing the construction speed of key projects in the development zone. The second phase is planned to start in June 2015. After reaching the production capacity, it will become the largest manufacturer of similar products in China. The raw materials for this project are sourced from the development zone and surrounding enterprises, which not only reduces costs, but also extends the petrochemical industry chain, which greatly improves the level of cyclical development of the chemical park. Xie Fuzhan put forward requirements for the development of the enterprise: First, the enterprise must take the road of cyclical and sustainable development, and it must make use of waste and clean it up. Second, enterprises should continue to lengthen the industrial chain, increase product added value, and enhance economic efficiency. The third is to bring in related enterprises and concentrate their distribution, truly achieve industrial agglomeration, effectively reduce the cost of transportation and logistics, and achieve mutually beneficial development.