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STY-BINDER® :Styrene Modified Resin

Softening Point Initial ColorMelt Viscosity (200°C)


 (Typical Value)

FTIR Ratio, Aromatic
Test Method(1)BDTM/Q-06(2)BDTM/Q-07BDTM/Q-08GPC
S8683-904 Max6014008
S210089-974 Max8021005
S9895-1004 Max12020007
O-220389-974 Max7016503


1. Product Specifications are developed pursuant to industry standard test methods

2. Test methods based on ASTM E-28-96.


1. Light Color, low odor

2. Narrow molecular weight distribution

3. Good compatibility with SIS, SBS, EVA, NR

4. Outstanding rolling ball tack, and excellent balance of peel and cohesive strength



The product is available both in 25Kg multi-ply paper bags and 500kg bags.


The product should be stored in cool ventilated dry place. Recommended temperature no exceeding 45°C.


ApplicationBase Polymer/Main ContentGrades Recommended
HMPSANR, SIS, SBSS Series, B series, O1304, O1310
HMAEVA, APAOO1102, Q100, S series
Masking/ Packaging TapeNR, SIS, SBSB1315, S2100, O1098
Low Noisy Tape/LabelNR, SISB1200
Low Temperature Label---L2510, S-86
Solvent Based AdhesiveNR, SISO1098, O-1099, B1315
PVC Tape/ Electrical Tape---OA200, OA210
Rubber CompoundingNR, BR, SBRO1102, O1098, Q100
Wax---O1098, O-1099, B Series