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R-BINDER®: Resins For Road Marking Paint

Softening Point Initial ColorMelt Viscosity (200°C)Acid Value
Test Method(1)BDTM/Q-06(2)BDTM/Q-07BDTM/Q-08
Unit°CGa#mpa.sKOH mg/g
R120097-1053.5250 Max0.5 Min
R130097-1053250 Max0.6 Min
O-1102RM97-1053250 Max---



1. Product Specifications are developed pursuant to industry standard test methods.

2. Test methods based on ASTM E-28-96.


1. Good flowage

2. High abrasion performance

3. Outstanding affinity for pigments

4. Good heat stability and suitable for all weather


The product is available both in 25Kg multi-ply paper bags and 500kg bags.


The product should be stored in cool ventilated dry place. Recommended temperature no exceeding 45°C.